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What is the difference and selection criteria between AC general-purpose motors and DC motors

2021-04-16 15:28:09   |  What is the difference and selection criteria between AC general-purpose motors and DC motors

  The difference between AC general-purpose motors and brushed or brushless DC motors:

  The most basic difference is the power source used: AC general-purpose motors use alternating current (single-phase or three-phase), while DC motors use direct current, such as batteries.

What is the difference and selection criteria between AC general-purpose motors and DC motors

  Speed is another difference. The speed of an AC general-purpose motor is controlled by changing the current in the motor, while the speed of a DC motor is controlled by changing the frequency, usually a frequency converter. Therefore, AC general-purpose motors rotate faster than DC motors.

  AC General Motor Series

  1. AC general purpose motor:

  AC general-purpose motors are widely used in household appliances and industries. It has the following advantages:

  Simple structure, easier to manufacture;

  Low start-up energy consumption and more economical;

  The structure is more sturdy and durable, so it usually has a longer life;

  There is almost no need for maintenance, saving maintenance costs.

  When the AC current general-purpose motor is running, its rotor and current frequency are kept synchronized, and the speed can remain unchanged for a long time. Therefore, AC general-purpose motors are particularly suitable for applications that require continuous motion and rarely shift gears. They are widely used in household appliances, medical rehabilitation equipment and power tools, such as: wall breakers, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, pumps, fans, Atomizer, lawn mower, etc.

  AC series motors and AC shaded pole motors generally use single-phase current;

  The higher the power, the greater the torque;

  The more poles, the higher the speed.

  Brushed DC motor series

  2. Brushed DC motor:

  DC motors are widely used in household appliances, healthcare, automobiles and industrial fields because they have significant advantages:

  Accurate and fast;

  High starting torque;

  Easy to install;

  Start, accelerate and stop must be very fast;

  The speed can be controlled only by changing the power supply voltage.

  DC motors are very suitable for dynamic applications that require high precision, especially in terms of speed and position, such as hair dryers, robots or machine tools. DC motors are not well suited for applications that require high power.

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