Brushed dc gear motor

Dongzhan Drive Industry (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd provides customers with high-quality, reliable, and efficient power, transmission, and control solutions.

Product Specification:


Parameter details

Output Flange Plate Size: 47mm,64mm,90mm,110mm,140mm, 200mm,255mm,circle
Output Torque Range: 14N.m-2000N.m
Available Gear Ratio One stage 4/5/7/8/10
Two stage 20/25/35/40/50/70/100
Backlash One stage P0≤2, P1≤4,P2≤6arcmin
Two stage P0≤4,P1≤7,P2≤9arcmin

Product Features

  • 1.The gear material is high-quality alloy steel with the heat treatment of carbonitriding to obtain the best wear resistance and impact toughness.
  • 2. Using ANSYS technology to carry out finite element analysis on the gear strength, and at the same time to modify the tooth profile and lead to reduce the impact and noise of gear meshing and increase the service life of the gear system.
  • 3.The output planet carrier adopts an integrated (double-supported) structure design, and the front and rear bearings are distributed in the box with a large span to form a stable integrated structure to ensure high torsional rigidity and accuracy.
  • 4.The gear ring and the output housing adopt an integrated design, using high-quality steel and hot-forged to obtain a higher material density. The integrated design can ensure that all geometric dimensions are processed at one time. If compared with other embedded and clamped structures, it has higher precision and strength.
  • 5.The input shaft and the locking device adopt an integrated design, and the double bolts are symmetrically distributed to achieve dynamic balance. At the same time, the strong locking of the double bolts effectively prevents the motor shaft from slipping and realizes high-precision and zero-backlash power transmission.

Product Application

  • 1. Aerospace, Military Industry.
  • 2. Medical health, Electronic Information Industry.
  • 3. Industrial robots, Production Automation, CNC machine tool manufacturing Industry.
  • 4. Motor, Textile, Printing, Food, Metallurgical, Environmental Protection Engineering, Warehouse Logistics Industry. textile machinery, livestock machinery, and aquaculture machinery.

Brushed dc gear motor

Supplier Info

Dongzhan Drive Industry (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd. was established in 2011. From the beginning of its establishment, it has been upholding to provide customers with high-quality, reliable and efficient power, transmission and control solutions.
The company established its own production base in 2014 and currently has more than 80 employees, of whom about 45% are
non-frontline operators. These personnel are active in the R D department, sales service department, incoming inspection production line, process inspection production line, etc. which afford a strong guarantee of reliable quality and continuous improvement.


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