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Controller for Brushed DC motor

A DC motor controller is a special type of electrical device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. A DC motor receives electrical energy by utilizing direct current and then converts this energy into automatic rotation of the motor. DC motors are used almost everywhere. They utilize the magnetic field created by the current that drives a rotor fixed on the output shaft. The speed and output torque depend on the design of the motor and the electrical input.

Application areas of DC motor controllers:

There are various DC motors on the market now and we use them extensively. At home, DC motors can be used in toys, tools and other household appliances. In the industrial sector, their needs include running across carousels to conveyors, as well as reverse. DC motors are used to power pumps based on their excellent motion responsiveness and ease of speed change, and they are preferred for fans due to their energy-saving mechanism. DC motor toys come in a variety of voltages and therefore require different types of motion and speed. DC motors are preferred for electric vehicles because of their durability and energy efficiency. Electric bikes have DC motors in both the rear and front wheel hubs to achieve the required power levels and torque.

We have 1 series of Controller for DC motor products:

OW type DC Controller

Available Power Range: 6W-150W Input voltage: 12V-48VDC

Drive for Brushless DC Motor

Motors and a wide range of motion control applications have been rapidly adopted in the market because of their distinct advantages over traditional brushed DC motors. Less maintenance, higher operating speeds, compactness, less electrical noise, and better torque-to-weight ratio, to name a few. Despite these advantages, BLDC motors cost more than conventional DC motors because they require a motor drive controller (for electronic commutation) and a rotor position sensor.

When the motor of the brushless motor driver rotates, first, the control unit must determine the order of turning on (or turning off) the power transistors in the inverter according to the position of the motor rotor sensed by the hall-sensor, and then based on the stator winding.

We have 2 series of Drive for Brushless DC Motor products:

Low voltage Drive

Available Current Range: 0-15A Input voltage: 12V-60VDC

High voltage Drive

Available Power: 200W/400W/750W Input voltage: 220VAC

Controller for Single-phase AC motor

Single-phase motor speed controller is a power control device used to control the speed of single-phase motors. A single-phase motor refers to an AC motor with only one phase and is commonly used in household appliances and small mechanical equipment. The single-phase motor speed controller can change the speed of the motor by adjusting the voltage and frequency of the motor, thereby achieving speed control of the motor. Single-phase motor speed controller usually includes voltage regulator, frequency converter and control circuit. At present, research on single-phase motor speed controllers mainly focuses on improving speed regulation accuracy, reducing costs, and enhancing control functions. Researchers are developing new control algorithms and circuit designs to improve the control accuracy and stability of single-phase motor speed controllers. With the development of intelligent and automation technology, single-phase motor speed controllers will become more intelligent and automated. More efficient control algorithms and intelligent control systems will emerge to achieve more stable speed control. In addition, with the development of motor technology, single-phase motor speed controllers will become more intelligent and efficient to meet people’s growing needs for motor speed control.

We have 4 series of Controller for Single-phase AC motor products:

US type Speed Controller

Available Power Range: 6W-250W Input voltage: 1-ph 110/220/230VAC,50/60HZ;

DS type Speed Controller

Available Power Range: 6W-250W Input voltage: 1-ph 110/220/230VAC,50/60HZ;

SF Digital Speed Controller

Available Power Range: 6W-250W Input voltage: 1-ph 110/220/230VAC,50/60HZ;

SK Built-in Speed Controller

Available Power Range: 6W-250W Input voltage: 1-ph 110/220/230VAC,50/60HZ;

Inverter for Three-phase AC motor

A three-phase inverter is a power conversion device that converts direct current into alternating current. It can convert electric energy from DC power sources such as solar energy and wind energy into AC electricity required for household or industrial electricity, and is widely used in the field of renewable energy power generation. Three-phase inverters can be divided into two categories according to their topology: bridge type and non-bridge type. Among them, the output voltage waveform of the three-phase inverter with a bridge is relatively close to a sine wave, and is suitable for applications that require high-quality power, such as medical equipment; while the three-phase inverter without a bridge is generally cheaper and suitable for applications Price-sensitive markets such as commercial street lighting. Three-phase inverters can be used in various fields, especially renewable energy power generation and industrial automation control. Renewable energy power generation: Renewable energy sources such as solar power and wind power need to convert DC power into AC power through an inverter before they can be put into the grid. Industrial automation control: Three-phase inverters can be used in high-performance servo drive systems, including CNC machine tools, textile machinery, printing machinery, plastic machinery and other fields. Household applications: such as air conditioners, lighting, and kitchen appliances, all require AC power.

We have 4 series of Inverter for Three-phase AC motor products:

T series Inverter (Economic type)

Available Power Range: 0.12kW-0.75KW Input voltage: 1-ph 220/230VAC,50/60HZ, Not 3-ph 220/230VAC

JT series Inverter (Industrial class)

Available Power Range: 0.75kW-630KW Input voltage: 1-ph,220/230VAC, 50/60HZ, or 3-ph 220/380/415/440/460VAC, 50/60HZ;

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