Low voltage Drive

Dongzhan Drive Industry (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd provides customers with high-quality, reliable, and efficient power, transmission, and control solutions.

Product Specification:


Parameter details

Input voltage: 24V-48VDC
Current Output 3.0A-15A Adjusting output current limite via knob
Operation Mode Open loop, Closed loop      (Control accuracy±5%)
Command Setting 1.Muti-function input terminal control(support NPN input&PNP);485Modbus RTU communication control;  External keyboard control;
Acceleration and deceleration control 0.3s~10s adjusting by knob, communication and keyboard
Speed Setting 1.Internal control knob;               2. external analog voltage or PWM(0-5V);                       3.Communication setting;              4.Keyboard setting;                       5.Multi-stage speed control; 6.Simplified PLC control;

Product Features

  • 1. multi-function input interface: 5 digital inputs(support NPN&PNP), setting via keyboard: forward,reverse, inching, free stop, electronic brake, multi-stage speed
  • 2. fast electromagnetic braking
  • 3. Multi-function output interface: 2digital output(open collector output), setting via keyboard; running, error, speed output, overload warning, virtual terminal output
  • 4. Error indication&protection: error can be indicated and show information, such as under voltage, over-voltage, over current, overload, locked rotor, short circuit, phase shortage

Product Application

  • 1. Industrial electrical control cabinet
  • 2. Automation control
  • 3. Agriculture machinery
  • 4. Other place with max current no more than 30A

Low voltage Drive

Supplier Info

Dongzhan Drive Industry (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd. was established in 2011. From the beginning of its establishment, it has been upholding to provide customers with high-quality, reliable and efficient power, transmission and control solutions.
The company established its own production base in 2014 and currently has more than 80 employees, of whom about 45% are
non-frontline operators. These personnel are active in the R D department, sales service department, incoming inspection production line, process inspection production line, etc. which afford a strong guarantee of reliable quality and continuous improvement.


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