JT series Inverter (Industrial class)

Dongzhan Drive Industry (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd provides customers with high-quality, reliable, and efficient power, transmission, and control solutions.

Product Specification:


Parameter details

Available Power Range: 0.75kW-630KW
Input voltage: 1-ph,220/230VAC,     50/60HZ, or                           3-ph 220/380/415/440/460VAC, 50/60HZ;
Speed precision ±0.5%(V/F control)               ±1%(vector control)
Torque responses <10ms
Carrier frequency 0.5-16.0Khz, can be adjusted automatically according to temperature and load characteristics
Acceleration and deceleration mode linear/S curve, 4 types of acceleration and deceleration time (0.1-3600.0s)

Product Features

  • 1. Super overload capacity 120% rated current, long time running; 150% rated current, 120seconds; 160% rated current, 60seconds; 180% rated current, 10seconds; 200% rated current, 1seconds;
  • 2. High starting torque, 0.5Hz/150%,open loop vector control, 1Hz/100%, V/F control
  • 3. Intelligent start and stop, acceleration and deceleration time can be set to 0 seconds, the driver will start/stop the motor at the fastest speed.
  • 4. The optimized vector control technology, when running at low frequency, The dynamic response is fast and the torque output is stable.
  • 5. International and domestic first-class components, IGBT/Infineon, CPU/Texas Instruments, Optocoupler/Avago, stable performance, durable
  • 6. Large margin radiator design and full fan selection, low temperature rise, suitable for various complex working conditions

Product Application

  • 1. Crane, CNC machine,wood machine
  • 2. Textile machine, Conveyor belt
  • 3. Pumps and fanx
  • 4. Constant water supply
  • 5. Injection molding machine
  • 6. Ctype steel machine

JT series Inverter (Industrial class)

Supplier Info

Dongzhan Drive Industry (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd. was established in 2011. From the beginning of its establishment, it has been upholding to provide customers with high-quality, reliable and efficient power, transmission and control solutions.
The company established its own production base in 2014 and currently has more than 80 employees, of whom about 45% are
non-frontline operators. These personnel are active in the R D department, sales service department, incoming inspection production line, process inspection production line, etc. which afford a strong guarantee of reliable quality and continuous improvement.


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