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Gearhead with IEC Flange

We are a Professional Manufacturer of Gear Motor in China As a professional manufacturer of the gear motor and gear reducers in China, we mainly produce Micro AC gear motor, Small-size AC gear motor, DC gear motor, Planetary gearbox, Worm gearbox, and Worm gear Motor, etc. These products feature rational structure, stable performance, and reliable quality, and so on. They are widely used in power, mining, metallurgy, building material, chemical, food, printing, ceramic, paper-making, tobacco, and other industries. Our products:

Gearhead with IEC Flange / Precision Planetary Gearbox

DC Motor AC motor

CONTROL PRODUCTS Controller for DC motor/ Controller for Single-phase AC motor / Inverter for Three-phase AC motor

DZ Gear Motor

Reducer Motor and Inverter Testing

Dc Speed Controller + DC Gear Motor

Geat Motor Manufacturer | Digital Display& 110V60Hz Gear Motor Test

Digital Display CCM6DSK+DC Gear motor | 1-29 second+50-57second

Simple DC speed regulation + medium speed ratio DC straight tooth turbine

Digital Display Speed Controller & 110V 60Hz Gear Motor Test Video

Variable speed 110v 220v AC Speed Control Motor with Speed Control Unit

Right Angle AC Gear Motor with Speed Control

Ratio Speed Reducer Gear Box Worm Gear Reduction

MR Type DC controller|Remote Control For Gear Motor

SGF Gear Motor for Automatic Parking Garage

Dongzhan gear motor for Electric Stair Chair | Mobile Stairlift

SK Series Built-in Speed Controller & Brake AC Gear Motor

DC digital display CCM6DSK + DC light motor, requires 1 29 seconds + 50 57 seconds

3 PHASE MOTOR RUN WITH 1 PHASE | Indian Motor Unboxing

High efficiency Gear Motor for Packaging machinery

DC Gearmotors for Outdoors Applications

2021 New style AC Gear Motor with Speed controller

Professional Manufacturer of Gear Motor/Worm Reducer in China 2021

Right Angle AC Gear Motor/Gear Motor Manufacturer

SK Built-in Speed Controller with Gear Motor

Inverter for Three-phase AC motor/T series Inverter (Economic type)

SGF Hypoid Gear Motor for Automatic Parking garage equipment

Three-phase motors/3-Phase Motor/asynchronous motor Internal structure

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