Two-speed ac gear motor

Dongzhan Drive Industry (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd provides customers with high-quality, reliable, and efficient power, transmission, and control solutions.

Product Specification:


Parameter details

Motor part Gear box part
Power HP Voltage Frequency Motor speed Gearbox model speed ratio
0.85KW-1.1KW 1-1.5HP 220-400V 50/60HZ 1400/2800RPM NMRV050 1:7.5-100
1.3KW-1.8KW 2-3HP 220-400V 50/60HZ 1400/2800RPM NMRV063 1:7.5-100

Product drawings

Two-speed ac gear motor

Supplier Info

Dongzhan Drive Industry (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd. was established in 2011. From the beginning of its establishment, it has been upholding to provide customers with high-quality, reliable and efficient power, transmission and control solutions.
The company established its own production base in 2014 and currently has more than 80 employees, of whom about 45% are
non-frontline operators. These personnel are active in the R D department, sales service department, incoming inspection production line, process inspection production line, etc. which afford a strong guarantee of reliable quality and continuous improvement.


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